Life in the slow lane

We were woken this morning by birdsong.
The sun greeted MW as he opened the kitchen blind and put on the kettle to make the first cuppa of the day.
As we sat drinking, we had a view of the sea, of the greenest fields, and rolling hills. Bliss!

A short drive to the kids' house and we are spending the morning with the grandkids. Both have coughs after springtime snotty colds, and are happy with gentle indoor games like bubble mixture, Lego and colouring.

In the slow cooker for tonight's supper is a veg curry.
I can't over-enthuse about this £17 gadget! It saves so much time and effort, and lots of pennies: it's already paid for itself time and again in saved last-minute dashes to the supermarket when we are at the other end of the day or on the way back from somewhere. Knowing we have a gorgeous meal ready to come home to is just perfect.
Added to that, tonight's curry is an empty-the-fridge/store cupboard special.
It features: four chopped spring onions, a handful of cherry tomatoes, three sweet potatoes, one carrot, one courgette, curry spices and a carton of coconut cream.
When we go home mid-afternoon I'll add a couple of scoops of red lentils and some water and let it simmer away until supper time.

Life in the slow lane. Bliss.


  1. I'm starting to discover life in the slow lane post retirement and, yes, it is bliss.
    How gorgeous to live near the sea.
    J x

  2. It all sounds pretty perfect to me. I hope the wee folk are feeling better soon. X


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