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 Oh sometimes I get quite riffled. Not cross, but you know: exasperated.  Yes that's the word.

Insurance is an essential, and pet insurance is one of these.  We have two dogs - one is a female 8 year old Border Terrier and the other is a male almost 1 year old Labradoodle.  A year ago we had to have emergency treatment for our 10 month old pup Ronnie and after a week of treatment he died.  We used our £4,000 of insurance but his bill was almost £9,000. We used some savings and I sold some things to pay the bill off.  We decided then that we'd have higher insurance pay-outs for any pet for the future.

So for the past year, Millie's insurance has had 12,000 and from July, Buster has been covered for the same.  We pay both policies by direct debits on the 3rd of each month. £27 for Millie and £25 for Buster.

Today, one of our tasks was to contact the pet insurers as Millies insurance has increased by almost double.  When we spoke to them, it seemed that it is due to Millies age.  An almost 50% rise does seem a lot - but hey ho.

While we were on the phone, I asked at what age would Busters policy likely increase?  The insurance chap on the phone could not find any details - or a policy - for Buster...despite us paying a premium every month since last year.

The company are going to: 

1. Start a policy for Buster

2. Refund us almost £300

3. Cancel the direct debit for £25 a month


4. Reduce Millies premium amount.

What would have happened if we'd needed to claim for him?



  1. You cannot trust anyone to do their job now. I prefer to do things by email if possible no hanging on the phone and a confirmation email that task has been completed. Regards Moira

  2. That's a frightening thought, what an awful mistake they made, our pets are after all our family and we want the best for them. You've been so lucky that Buster has stayed fit and healthy x Anne


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