Christmas 2024

 No, that's not an error, I mean Christmas next year.

This year almost everything has gone up in price.  Food has shot up, energy has increased....and its been, on the whole, a pretty grim year around the world.  A new year and a fresh start are a good idea.

But what do I mean with Christmas 2024?

Well, as soon as I finished shopping and parcelling today I started preparations for next year's Christmas. 

I have a Christmas cupboard here in our wee house, and as well as wrapping paper and gift bags that aren't needed this year, gifts for next year have begun their gathering!

My organising book has been updated with a list of people to gift for, and I have two large clear plastic boxes to fill with gifts.

After this Christmas I will start painting cards and gift tags for next year.

Between commissions I'll do some crafting for items to gift.

Certain gifts that are more pricey have an envelope in my cupboard, and every month I pop some cash in it.  I have a chum who I buy a bottle of gin for, so at some point in the year I'll get her gin.  It'll be added to our shopping list one week.

So although it's not Christmas yet, my preparation for next Christmas has begun...

Told you I was odd!!



  1. Not odd at all. Just sensible and organised. xx

  2. Well, if you're odd, then I'm equally odd....I've already bought one present for next year! I can never face scrambling around for presents in December, so like you I do it gradually throughout the year - and go to the PO at the end of November, rather than in December when the queues start! Pam

  3. I started prepping today. I was in the supermarket and noticed that rolls of nice wrapping paper had been marked down from £1.50 to 49p each, so two rolls came home with me. I have put them away and just hope that I can remember where I put them! I also bought some half-price packs of cards - enough for next Christmas. I am never organised in advance when it comes to presents. I tend to leave it until about the beginning of November and then have a mild panic, make a list of who I need to buy for and take it from there.


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