Visiting Paris on a budget


We decided to visit Paris. Somewhere we had never visited before.

However, we needed to travel and stay without breaking our small budget.


I looked at travel; stay; food; treats.

Treats, we decided, would be going to the top of the Eifell tower, and a bus tour of as many things to see as possible.

I found that February and March were the cheapest times to travel. The cheapest way to travel from our space was plane, and stay was a Best Western. I found a holiday company online that combined the flight and accommodation - and also divided the cost by four, and took that cost across four months.

The little hotel was outside the centre of Paris which made everything cheaper - although we had to add in our daily travel costs: metro train and bus.

Our breakfast was within our hotel cost, and we decided to eat out at lunchtime but eat in our hotel room in the evening. 

Entertainment was the planned visits and we took a book each for the evening.

One thing we found was a large cost to put luggage into the plane. Therefore we decided to take just a small rucksack each. All we took was underwear, two tops, jeans and shoes (we wore jeans, shoes and one of our tops each), a plastic bag for toiletries and a plastic bag of medications. Also a book each.  We were away for days and it was easy.  I washed and dried underwear within our hotel bathroom. 

It was a lovely trip, and really not expensive. Yes, more than staying at home; but a pretty cheap trip nonetheless!

Tracey xx


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip, my first trip to Paris was with two young daughters on a bus trip with a voucher for accommodation we stayed at the Sorbonne according to the notice on the wall I was to old they were to young but nobody questioned it and we had a wonderful time. Holidays like this make life worthwhile, life is for living live it well, love Moira

  2. Glad to hear it. People need treats.

  3. glad you enjoyed your holiday. I love Paris, but for me the airfare is too expensive. I live in Australia, and have only visited Paris when visiting family in England. Now with my husband having several medical issues, both of us being pensioners, and distance, most travel is no longer viable. I do travel within Victoria by myself, but that is limited to public transport as I no longer drive.

  4. We tend to do 4 day holidays and like you, just take hand luggage, it makes life so much easier doesn't it? It looks like it was a lovely break, you must feel so relaxed and ready for Spring now Anne x


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