Quiet Time

 I've had to take quiet time over the last six days.  It's OK, but reminds me that when we were in lockdown, how dull it was at times.

Thankfully I have had a few things to keep me occupied.

A fab book read:  Ready Player One - a story set in the future, and in a time ruled by computers.  

Super listening:  60s songs - chosen by Man Wonderful and enjoyed by us both.

Activity: Sorting and making a list of ready-purchased Christmas gifts - I only have 5 tiny gifts to buy, and then the main gifts for us:  Man Wonderful, Daughter and Son-in-Law, granddaughter and grandson.  

I love collecting things throughout the year so that our Christmas giftage is easy, and not out of budget.



  1. I had my own lockdown a couple of weeks ago due to catching Covid. I didn't really feel up to doing anything much. I am still exhausted at times and am trying to pace myself. I have been doing little mending jobs as it seems an ideal opportunity to catch up on the 'to do' list.

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