Ducks and revenge

 The poor, poor people who have come home to find 100s of tiny plastic ducks positioned around.

Like us.

Daughter and granddaughter spent about 15 minutes hiding 102 flipping tiny ducks around our place.

It took me almost 90 minutes to find all of them.

It was actually pretty fun.

So, onto revenge.

It took me a couple of days of thinking and plotting before I decided a revenge trick that could benefit others:

Secret Shopper.

Quite simply, I've been shopping and bought a selection of food items that my daughter doesn't buy/use.  And today I started my revenge.

I put a box of stock cubes into a food cupboard in my daughter's kitchen.

My plan is to stock her food cupboards with things she doesn't buy.  One a day.

When she notices and asks me about it, I will help her fill a box for the foodbank.

Let the fun begin!!



  1. That's such a brilliant idea, you get her back and do something wonderful 👏. Maxine

  2. I wonder how long it will take her to cotton on?

  3. love that idea Haha xHelena


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