Cooking and Ducks

 We travelled to see Stepson and his 

Family this weekend - Man Wonderful and I are totally knackered!!

Today I have a couple of appointments but have time in between to plod around the house doing bits and bobs.

I'm making a potato and spinach curry for lunch, and have blackberry jam in the slow cooker. 

Cooking the potatoes and onions before I add spinach and curry spices.

We picked 4lb of blackberries at the start of the summer before washing and freezing them. This is the first lot of jam.

When we were away, daughter and granddaughter decided to hide some small ducks around our house, for us to find when we got home.   102 blxxdy ducks!!!!  
Because I like to keep the house really tidy,  it took me just over an hour to find them.

Yesterday was second Christmas cake baking. 
Dear, darling Man Wonderful!!



  1. That is an awful lot of ducks! I bet there was a lot of giggling going on when they hid them!


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