Weekend Holiday

 I've got SO much to tell you!

All - well, most of it - good.

Where shall I start?  With a picture, I think:   

We've just spent the weekend here: Warwick Castle!

We took our 10 year old granddaughter away for a couple of days, and had the most wonderful time - this is well worth a trip if you have a spare couple of days.

There are lots of activities to take part in, as well as the beautifully cared for Castle and grounds.

We walked around a Horrible Histories maze, learned the whole history of the castle, saw a stage show, watched jousting, saw a superb falconry show, and had afternoon tea in a peacock garden.

Such a gentle place to be with a little person - many folks had the same idea! We spent day 1 in Stratford amongst Shakespearian actors, ate and slept at a Premier Inn.

Day 2 was at the Castle, with a medieval-style banquet and an overnight stay in the castle grounds.

Day 3 we came home.

A short holiday, but well worth it.


P.S.   We had been saving for this trip since the first of January.


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