A Glut of Tomatoes

 We have been very lucky this year with home-grown veg. 

Sweetcorn - that I've never grown before - was lovely; French Beans - oodles; and Tomatoes - we have done so well with these!

I grow my seeds indoors and plant out when the weather is established as good for the veg... I had over 30 tomato seedlings, and tried a new way of growing them.

I bought 7 growbags, and slit across the middle - front to back.  This allowed me to stand the growbags up on end, and plant 4 plants in each bag.  Man Wonderful made a wooden holder for these bags, and sat it in the warmest place of the garden.

The tomatoes have been really productive.

When we came back from our weekend away I picked 2lb of toms!!

I'll definitely use this growing method next year!

I also want to grow runner beans next year.

Have you grown veg this year?



  1. We've grown tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce leaves and rocket in the little greenhouse.
    From our allotment, parsnips (fingers crossed, we can see them growing but won't lift until the first frost) courgettes, sugar snap peas, rhubarb, gooseberries green and black, raspberries, redcurrants, whitecurrants, pears and apples are just starting but the bumper crop this year has been runnerbeans - we presently have half a small chest freezer full so far, which will get us through the winter, for when veg gets boring and expensive Anne x

  2. I have grown veg this year. Shallots, plums, new potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes have done well, but it has been a difficult year weather-wise. Some things are only just getting going.


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