Daily Living on Very Little

 A delightful reader asked me recently how I could state we 'live below the line'. 

I've also had a fellow frugal question our lifestyle, so thought I'd explain.

Our incomings:

. Man Wonderful has old age pension, and 2/3 of his work pension. (His first wife has 1/3 of his pension as part of their divorce settlement. )

. I have PIP which is a disability allowance. I have PTSD and Epilepsy following a head injury. Despite me being working age, I had to end my career as a teacher. 

. Sales.  I sell on eBay, Vinted and Faceache. I don't sell everyday, but selling works for me.  I can do this from home and it's an easy thing to do. An example: I sold a bracelet for £10 today.

I also take on commissions. 


Rent  - essential

Power - gas/electricity - we use what we use, and have many strategies for cutting down on our usage.

Water - again, essential, but we use very little

Fuel - this is not much at all a month - we don't have to make any other car payments: it is all covered.

Mobile phone - the cheapest contract as MW needed a new handset

Internet and TV - we use our Internet but hardly use the TV. Hence we have a pretty cheap package.

Insurances - both lives, contents, and both dogs. Well worth the money.

Food.  We plan our meals ahead and buy what we need. 

We save up for things - for example a couple of nights away. Life is for living: and by that I don't mean blowing every penny, I mean stopping out for a date night or planning a couple of days walking.  There is a balance!



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