My Lord Woolton pie

 My lovely veg box arrived on a different day this week - due to post-Christmas Bank Holidays - and I had an abundance of veggies needing using up.

I decided to make a version of Woolton pie, as this is a perfect way of eating up veg.

This recipe fed us for two days' main meals.

I used:

Cubed potatoes, carrots and swede

Chopped, mushrooms, leek and onion.

Sliced cauliflower.

Sage and onion stuffing mix.

Veg stock cube.


Ready-made pastry (from my Christmas food-spending).

I boiled the cubed root veg for 5 minutes, and fried the onion, mushroom and leek in a little olive oil.

These were mixed together with the remaining veg and laid into a large cooking dish.

I then covered this with slices of cauliflower, and topped this with firstly stuffing and secondly two handfuls of oats.

I mixed up stock with hot water and poured this over the pie filling, before topping with the ready-rolled pastry.

I brushed the pastry with a little milk and baked it for 40 mins at 180 c.

This was totally scrummy.

Sorry no pictures!



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