3rd January 2023


Happy New Year folks!

It's been better weather here today. Milder and not wet. Easier for dog-walking and drying laundry.

As I mentioned last blogpost, I'm a Yulephile: I adore Christmas. I've  made a list of gifts I'd like to give at the of this year (2023), and have a smaller version of this list in my handbag.

I have about 25% of gifts already - things I've already collected in my Christmas cupboard. I still have plenty of wrapping paper I bought last January for 50p a roll.

Earlier today I sorted through this year's Christmas cards, and made gift tags for next Christmas from many of these cards, as well as some red and white stripy string.

I'm planning to knit socks for some people over the year, and will have all my gifts wrapped and ready by the end of November.

Throughout the year we will collect saving stamps from the local Coop, to spend in December, and then spend these on small hampers for the family (home-made boxes) as well as Christmas grub.

Do you love Christmas?

Are you planning ahead for this year?

What will you do differently?



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