Colour my world

 The little house we live in has plain, painted, white walls.

Upstairs are mid-grey carpets and downstairs in a mid-grey solid floor.

I get inspired seeing colour in other people's homes, and my phone gallery is crammed with pictures of colours being used.

(N.B. None of these pics are from my house!)

I love the green/blue on this wall

I'm inspired by this artwork and where it is situated.

I'd like this dark grey behind our bed

This green and white makes me feel happy

When we had a big house, our rooms were either magnolia/stone shades or black and white. 
Now we are in this wee house, I am very tempted to try out some colours.

Do you use colours on your walls?



  1. I am a huge fan of colour, although the downstairs of the house is all white. The bathroom walls are very pale pink, the spare room is pale blue, the craft room is minty green - as you know, and the bedroom is currently dark grey, although hopefully that will be changing to olive green some time this year.

  2. Lots of colour here. Living/dining room is mid-range terracotta, stairs and hallway are a lighter and brighter orange, one bedroom is yellow, another is a sort of duck egg blue. Kitchen and bathroom are both beige/stone/taupe (gosh, trying to describe colours is hard!). Only the main bedroom is the same colour as when we bought the house - magnolia.


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