Our frugal Christmas holiday

 I'm taking a wee break from setting out a new jigsaw. Ohh the best bits of life really are the simplest.

I have three fruity Christmas cakes (loaf tin size) in the oven. Man Wonderful loves my Christmas cake so much that these will be the 7th to 9th cakes he has enjoyed this winter!

I have dimmed the lights everywhere but where I'm sat at the table.

I have a Christmas CD playing in the background, and a hot cuppa beside me.

MW has just taken the dogs out for a muddy walk and I have popped a couple of old towels on the floor for when they get home...for the dogs,  not for MW...!

We had a super lunch of steamed veg and a piece of fish.

Because we saved our coop stamps all year, we had over £300 to spend in December.  This meant we had enough to make a hamper for the grown-up kids, one for the homeless shelter, some bottle of wine for gifts; and some lovely bits for ourselves.

The fish for today was part of our Christmas savings haul.

Even though we save a little throughout the year, we don't go mad on spoling ourselves.

We bought some nibbly bits - hummus, vine leaves, dips, cheese straws and rice cakes.

Some household items I see as treats - I bought a couple of 'Method' cleaning solutions. They smell gorgeous! I bought a couple of hand wash refills in a nice scent.

We gave each other surprises - as usual.  A jumper, socks and gloves for Man Wonderul, as well as a whole shelf-ful of books I'd searched all over for, from second hand sellers and charity shops.

I received a beautiful jigsaw, a jewellery pouch, some makeup brushes and some gorgeous nail varnish.

And my favourite gift?

A lovely mug with 'Mrs' on!

We have no plans, many films recorded, two cuddly dogs, some knitting (for me) and some wine (for him).

We are simple creatures.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Enjoy the simple things xxx


  1. We have enjoyed crosswords and quizzes. I have started re-reading a favourite book, while my daughter has been knitting a jumper. A few tasty foodie treats have been enjoyed and visits have been paid to relatives. Nothing fancy, but all rather fun. Happy Christmas. X

  2. I had family on Christmas Day and family/friends on Boxing day but am so enjoying being quiet and peaceful on my own again now. xx


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