A Big, Ballsy Bill

Oh. Don't ask. 

Our puppy was castrated last week.

He is 8 months old, and a really lovely, loving, bouncy lad. 

We spoke to the vet at dog's first check-up, and asked about pricing.

We were told £250 to £340 - the higher price because our pup only had one ball that had descended, which meant a longer operation.

(No, not half price for one nut!)

The op went well, and we went to collect him. 

The receptionist presented us with the bill:  £490!!!!!

Once I could get my breath back, I politely asked if our bill was correct? Man Wonderful had signed the operation permission in the morning with a fee of £340.

Why an extra £150?!!!

She said she would go and check the amount.

Man Wonderful sat and transferred the extra from our saving account to the current account, and I sat there thinking '£150?!! What the f*÷k?!! '

The receptionist returned and said yes, this was correct.

We asked to speak to the Practice Manager.  She confirmed the high price, and said that Man Wonderful had been given a fee from earlier in the year.  

We paid, got the lad and came home.

That's what the emergency fund is for, eh?



  1. Our girl needs dental treatment. She's around 12 and was rescued after being dumped on the streets.

    The estimate is 1150 to 2500 dollars. I asked if that price included doggie dentures! Oh, if we do it we get a 10%discount because its canine dental health month!

  2. This sounds so wrong, surely they should have charged the quoted price.

  3. Crikey! That seems a high bill! Our pup is just 10 months old and I was 50/50 as to whether to get him "done". Anyway I saw a locum vet for another problem (conjunctivitis) and he said if we're not having problems with him, then just leave him. He's a lab - very nice natured, etc. So the jury's still out for us.


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