My Christmas Obsession

 I am famed amongst family and friends for being a Yuletidephile. I love Christmas. Little traditions like sparkly lights, cake-baking, card and gift-making...I could go on!

Now I know we've just had one 25th of December, but I'm already planning the next one. As we live sustainability and within our means, careful planning helps me to stay within our budget. 


I have written a list of birthdays for the year, and a list for Christmas.

As I gather gifts, I cross off the person this is intended for, wrap it and label it, and pop it in my Christmas cupboard.

I look at sales, local selling pages and Charity shops.  I know what folk like or collect.

Do you have organisation for next Christmas?



  1. Gosh, I wish I was that organised! I normally buy wrapping paper and cards in the sales, but this year I have lots of wrapping paper, so won't need to bother with that. With adult children (but no grandchildren) to buy for, I usually just ask what they would like nearer to their birthdays and Christmas. Myself and my husband don't bother buying each other presents. Little gifts to friends, relatives and neighbours are usually home-made chutney or jam, which I make with gluts from the garden or produce gifted by others who have gluts. I am always on the look out for new recipes to try to ring the changes.


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