A new family member..

.. with four legs!! 

Regular readers know that we have a little pooch.  She is a rescue dog we got when we were living in our caravan. It's my fault - I love dogs. I feel happy around dogs. They lift my spirit.  I just can't explain it. 

Our wee pooch is six. We rehomed her when she was 9 months old, and she's been a delight. She still is!

A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a lady I knew more than a decade ago - I taught her kids. She was talking about her dog having had puppies, and showed me some beautiful piccies.  We chatted for a while - we were at the same event.  As a matter of interest I asked how much a puppy costs these days, and I was quite shocked at the price they sell for. 


Over the course of the afternoon she had found out what happened to take me away from teaching - other people at the event had explained what I had been through. Just as we were going she came over and thanked me for what I'd done for her kids.  Then she offered us a pup for free!

She said she knew Man Wonderful and I would give it a brilliant home.

We came home and talked through everything.

Then we rang her and said yes please.

So today we go to collect our new chap.

I'll add some pictures in a few blogs time.



  1. What a wonderful gift from someone who appreciated your teaching skills. The puppy will have a great life with you and look forward to seeing her/him soon. Catriona

  2. That is so lovely. Fun times ahead!

  3. That's a lovely kind gesture. I agree that the price of pups has gone through the roof! We first started looking for a rescue dog in 2020. We were able to offer a good home. We even thought about the foreign rescues (I think I got some info from yourself), however decided that as we now have 5 granddaughters ranging from 8yrs to a month old, we couldn't risk having a rescue dog with perhaps no history. We found the UK rescues were far too picky - it made us think that hundreds of dogs were being denied a good home just because not every box can be ticked on paper!
    Anyway, a month ago we got our long awaited puppy. Very reasonably priced, farm bred, a big strong healthy black lab! He has brought such a lot of fun into our lives - hopefully we will get a bit fitter too. I look forward to seeing some pics of your new addition.


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