Oh dear, how sad ..

 never mind...

Those of us of a certain age will remember fondly the sitcom 'It Ain't 'Half 'Hot Mum', set in India in the last few months of the second world war.  It featured a concert party from the Royal Artillery and their rather gruff Sergeant Major, played by Windsor Davies.

His catchphrase, used when a member of the concert party had an issue was, 'Oh dear, how sad, never mind'.  He said this in a complete monotone, showing that he really didn't give a poop!

And just why did this spring to mind as the introduction to today's wee blogpost?
Oh, dear friends..

This concerns a blogger who was my dear chum for quite a few years (I've written about this before) - since before the frugal years, certainly - who decided that I was holding her back and cut me off; taking my first blog with her as it was her teccy chap who had set it up.
This was a number of years ago, and I have moved onwards and upwards since then (although it would have been amazing to have my chum beside me after the assault..but I digress).


I follow this lady online and read her writing regularly.  I enjoy the topics she writes about, and agree with the frugal-ly lifestyle as it's how Man Wonderful and I live our lives.

And yesterday I was the subtle topic of her vlog/blog.  
I was the chum she went charity shop shopping with, I was the chum she took to the discount store, I was the chum she bounced early ideas off, it was me that made soap.  
I know, sadly, that the knives are still brought out from time to time.

But you know what?

If these things still bother her after all these years...

Oh dear,  how sad,  never mind.

FM xx


  1. I saw that and did wonder if it was you. You sounded so swanky!

  2. I remember that programme well. It's always sad to lose a friend and it must be odd to read online about things that you did together, years ago. As Windsor Davies was also fond of saying "Chest out, shoulders back!"

  3. Lol, I read that and realised she was having a go at you, I was tempted to comment and tell her to get over herself.

  4. Thought it must have been - and, as you say, oh, dear, never mind. Get over it (her, not you). xxx

  5. Why look - it’s the consequences of her actions.


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