Saving money on food

It's been a busy few weeks here in our wee house.  

It's been GCSE coursework moderating - something we do every year that brings in some pennies.

I've written a food shopping list for the start of next month.  Apart from fresh veg and fruit, we only shop once for the month.  Planning ahead like this saves us squid-lots of money.  There's no last-minute / quick dashes / dialing takeaways at our place - I do plan in really yummy foods, but it's all home-made and within our budget.

I have up the app I use to plan which is the cheapest shop to visit for each item, and have one delivery and one collect to do.  This saves on fuel too - which as we all know is pretty pricey!

Here is my shopping list for June:

Fish:  Salmon / mixed cubed fish / fish fingers

Other protein:  eggs / tofu / hummus

Fats:  Spread / mayo

Home:  Fairy WUP / kitchen foil / bin bags / clingfilm / kitchen towels /  bleach / laundry powder

Frozen: peas / veg burgers / veg sausages / veg mince

Dairy:  Cheddar / goat's cheese

Larder:  tom puree / baked beans / orange squash / tonic water / soda water / sweetcorn tinned / oats / tinned toms / kidney beans / tahini / oat and soya milk / olives / dog treats / crisps / lemon juice / dijon mustard / coconut milk / soy and oyster sauce / peanut butter / lemonade / passata 

Meds:  ibuprofen / anti-histamines

We do have things in our store cupboards, and do a stock check before we write the meals list for the month.  

As the weather is getting warmer, I've changed our veg box order a little.  This week we had:

Stem broccoli / Bunched new carrots / red cabbage / mushrooms / jacket potatoes

new potatoes / radishes / spinach / bunched broccoli and cauliflower

celery / cucumber / iceberg lettuce / peppers / cherry tomatoes / spring onions

apples / avocado / bananas / grapes / satsumas / pears

I'll share our meal planner with you in my next blogpost!

FM xx




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