Looping the loop

Up, down, flying around...looping the loop and defying the ground...

That's what most days feel like being a Frugal Mum - or in fact any kind of adult at times - but certainly managing being a parent/working/balancing a budget/having to tighten the  
budget/having to be the mean one and say 'no' to 
treats/answering 'but why can't we' etc.. Yadda yadda... But it genuinely doesn't have to be that bad, and household management isn't as bad as it sounds either!

Today began with a few hours at work for me. 
I fit in a local part-time job each week and I cannot recommend enough to anyone thinking about the pennies to consider this.  Before you say "I can't because....", unless you are genuinely housebound you can do something. 
Believe me.  

I'm disabled, and although I'm limited in what I can do, I can still do something.
Then Man Wonderful and I went to see my chum where I ate my packed lunch and had a cuppa with her, before coming home where I decided I wanted to do some manic cleaning in my lounge...(like you do)!

My packed lunch today? (In case it interests anyone...)
Boiled egg, sliced, with salad veggies from the fridge and 
chopped carrot, followed by an apple. 

Other folk at work were laying out £2 for an 'at work' salad, and £1 for a coffee. I take my own teabags from home and my own soya milk. I get the boiling water free. 

One thing I need to do today is finalise my Christmas present list - I need to know who I'm buying for and what I still need to get.  I've usually done all this by now in the year but this year I haven't!! As someone who doesn't own a credit card it's going to be interesting how I manage the next few weeks, and I'll happily share this with you (if you promise not to tell!!)

What do you do about the Christmas shop?
Share your ideas below.

Frugal Mummy xx


  1. In a word - nothing. We made the decision a few years back to stop buying Christmas presents for adults (we never bought them for each other anyway, preferring to buy something for the house instead). We gave money to husband's grandchildren for a few years, but when they left school/uni and got jobs, we stopped the money too....they're earning good money and we're retired! Some people think we're Grinches, but it's all said in jest and if you make a decision, make it known and stick to it, then there's no ambiguity.

  2. We've cut down considerably on presents within the family. Those who need it get cash. I make pressies, usually food based. It's nice to have a few parcels to pop under the tree but they become fewer and fewer as the years pass.


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