Being a Frugal Mummy

Frugal doesn't mean miserable and it certainly doesn't mean having to miss out.  In my experience in fact, it has meant having a lot more fun and games as I'll explain more.

It can be quite dull living the kind of life where "it's Tuesday 
so it's Pasta", and I've never been that kind of chick anyway.
I'm the kind of girl that enjoys planning around what we have and buying just what we need to - but making it as interesting as possible.  Life is for living after all, not for suffering - although that doesn't mean wasting a thing!

But being a Frugal Mummy is special.  
It's so important to get the balance.
You don't want your kids to be seen as doing without, but you also want them to understand the value of what they have, and if you have to manage on a tight budget you certainly don't want to be the bad guy saying "No" to all the trips or 
treats their friends are supposedly having continuously.

So how do I manage being a Frugal Mummy so successfully?

That's what I'm going to use this blog to set out over the next couple of weeks, to answer the questions I've received and to help folks develop their household management skills in "frugal living"; so buckle up, Frugal Mummy is finally back daily blogging.

It's been a long time coming, but it's time. 

I've missed you.
How have you been?

FM xx


  1. Missed you too and I'm so glad Frugal Mummy is back.

  2. Hello Tracey, lovely to find the email notifying your post... I'm so glad you're back, and I'm very interested in your coming posts on how to be a successful Frugal Mummy, or in my case Granny to a little 'un overseas, and living solo here in the UK.

    So I can't tell you how grand it is to feel the anticipation of more posts and sharing from you. We share the same values, and I greatly value and enjoy your writing, and the sense of connection and joy.

    I've had a further run in with a long-term health condition. Although it's a recognised physical ailment, stress is a huge trigger. So I'm looking at the roots of this in my early life, and continuing to simplify everyday life and connections as much as possible, while seeking joy in the nooks and crannies of daily living... nature, books, cats (just the one), tapestry, knitting, simple food, and friends in moderation. Following the golden thread of joy! xxx

  3. Missed you! Yay - you're back!

  4. Nice to have you back x

  5. Glad To see you are back,you always talk a lot of sense, coupled with kindness and humour.


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