Insurance and Making a Claim...

There is a superstition that says if you 'break a match' it can stop bad luck.  
Do you know where it is said to come from?
I grew up with my mother always saying "break a match!" when two minor accidents happened. She truly believed this broke the bad luck stream - but it wasn't until today that I found out exactly where this 'break a match' saying came from.

In the trenches, two chaps would share a match to light their cigarettes, but it was thought that if a third person shared the match then one of those gentlemen would be killed, or the third gentleman would be killed.  Within the trenches these men were at the mercy of snipers, and the small light of this match being held then longer enough gave way to a sniper's shot.

Since then it has been known as bad luck for three people to share one match.

My mother took this phrase on board to make us kids be more aware of our surroundings by saying 'break a match'.

So why am I chatting about breaking a match today?

I dont know about you, but I like paying my house insurance and then just leaving it alone.  
I've had an accident in the house, then needed to check the house insurance, and I'm going to make a claim.  
It's the kind of thing you just don't want to have to do, but have to do.  
It's a pain in the proverbial backside - but could have been a whole-lot-worse!

So I'm now going to go and find a box of matches and break one.  Or two.. hundred.  

And by the way, how are you today?



  1. I had heard the expression 3 on a match and knew of a very old movie call 3 On A Match, but I had never known the reason for the saying. Thanks for the information. I agree about paying the house insurance and leaving it alone. I have never had to used mine and I am so thankful. Here in California, USA, if you use your insurance they raise the rates.


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