When life gives you lemons..

...people who tell you to just make lemonade can get stuffed!

This week has had a couple of hiccups, and I hope 2018 isn't going to continue in this theme.

First, the car. 

It's a workhorse, it's an older car, we've had it a long time and we keep it serviced and repaired for just as long as it isn't economically sensible to do so. It's just what we do with cars.

This car has done lots of miles and is a decent, safe car. 

However, I noticed there was water by my feet (I don't drive, so the passenger side) in a puddle before Christmas. This was sorted out and had been a blocked drain-y thing under the battery (I also don't 'do' cars so my descriptions aren't desperately mechanical) but because it had been going on for quite a while under the car before it had come into the car, there had been logged water making a module rusty that controls important things (see?!) like door locks, lights, etc.  Oh, and also controls the compartment where you have to put the fuel. So suddenly everything stopped doing what it should. (I am so embarrassed by my mechanical knowledge!)

So poorly car went to garage to see how much and if it was worth fixing it.

It is, and we get car back today (day three no car). 

Ok. Worse things happen at sea. Indeed.

But I'd also been bitten this week.


By a person with dementia.

It was a difficult, horrible instant.

Once the person was fine - there were three staff present - I noticed my arm was bleeding and I needed to go and get help myself.

Today is day five, my arm has finally stopped ballooning up and I am now on antibiotics. 

I have spent most of the last two days in bed feeling really ill - but thankfully all seems to be on the mend. 


Meal plans were great as Man Wonderful cooks well too.

No friends round for dinner though as I've been living in my pyjamas!

And if you have any lemons, you know what to do with them!


  1. Slice them and add them to your medicinal G&Ts, that's what!
    A nasty experience for you xxx
    J x

  2. Big squeeze in the eye!

    What a start to the year. Our car is in the hands of a mechanic too, like yours it's old and well used. We've hired a car for the weekend as we don't know when we'll get ours back, but we have plans that we don't want to cancel. A new adventure awaits.

  3. How about this instead....? - "As far as I'm concerned, there are two types of people in this world: people like Queeg who, when life gives them lemons make lemonade, and everyone else. And although those smug lemonade-makers think the rest of us just sit around all day day bitching about not getting oranges, they're wrong. It's all about volume. When you're ass-deep in lemons, you start looking for a shovel, not a pitcher and a cup of sugar”
    ― Melissa DeCarlo, The Art of Crash Landing

    Hope you heal soon x

  4. Hope the arm is healing. My hat is off to you. I will never work in aged care again. I was scratched to shreds when working there. My only assault in acute care was by an over 70. Now I work in an area where patients are in and out and required to bring a family member with them. Far safer for me.

    Rest, recover, be good to yourself.

  5. Hope you are improving with the antibiotics and rest. Been bitten a few times in my job but only once did it puncture the skin (right through a blouse and wooly jumper). It’s scary nowadays when you are assaulted whilst doing a very caring job-hope your confidence hasn’t been dented by the incident. Take time to recover and enjoy being looked after. Catriona

  6. Glad to hear you are the mend and hope it's a speedy one :) As far as lemons, sometimes they are just too many to know where to start on the bleeding lemonade and therefore I agree they should be sliced and put in a drink!

  7. Car aside (and I do sympathise) what a horrible thing to happen. I imagine it's not just about the actual physical act but how distressing thinking about it afterwards. Glad to hear it's healing.

  8. I hope your arm is healing, bites are notorious for needing antibiotics and taking time to heal. And it doesn't matter whether it is an animal or human bite, the average mouth contains so many bacteria. I agree with Joy, slice the lemons and use in a G and T. Works as an anaesthetic on so many levels.

  9. Aargh what a frightening experience for you - glad to hear you're on the mend now. And the car too - we work on the same basis with MrEH's cars - buy at the lower end of the market and they go on for as long as they go on - once it stops being financially sensible we move on to the next. works for us, too.
    As for making lemonade - right there with you on where the lemons can get shoved!

  10. Our car is going the same way as yours I fear!


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