Dairy free Chowder

Yesterday we wanted to share a posh meal with chums.

We all enjoy eating fish, so I decided to make a fish chowder. This meal is SO easy and yes, can be made very cheaply.

Here is my version for you!

Dairy free Fish Chowder

To feed six people you will need:

Fish fillets - salmon, smoked fish, white fish - about 1kg 

2 Finely chopped onions

1 Finely chopped celery stick

2 large potatoes, peeled and chopped

250g frozen sweetcorn

2 chopped carrots

350g cashew nuts

Vegetable stock cube

Smoked paprika

Olive oil

Put the cashew nuts into soak in warm water.

Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large saucepan and sauté the onion and celery gently before adding the rest of the fresh vegetables to cook a little until slightly softened.

Crumble the veg stock cube onto this, and add 1 tsp smoked paprika, followed by the sweetcorn and water from your kettle to cover the pan contents.

Add the fish fillets on top, and put on the lid of your saucepan while you turn the heat down to a low simmer until the veg are all cooked through.

Meanwhile, drain the cashews and blend them in a food processor (or mash them) with the same amount again of hot water.

Add this to the chowder and serve.

We ate this last night and it was utterly delicious!

In fact - Man Wonderful and I are having it again tonight....:-)


  1. What a brilliant idea to use cashew nuts. Thanks for the recipe.
    J x

  2. Yum! Thanks for the recipe. I hope it is even better the second night.

  3. Fish is very special treat in my world. It's over 32Cdn$ a kilo.

    Factor in, I live in a Prairie province, everything is frozen.

    I really miss fresh fish.


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