Spoke too soon...

Firstly I want to say that this is not going to be a moaning blogpost.

Nor a shout out for any sympathy.

Nope, it's just my usual blogpost, telling you my latest news, OK?

In my last blogpost 'When life gives you lemons', I told you guys about the car needing some expensive mending, and that I'd been bitten at my workplace (dementia patient, rare,, but it can happen) and that I'd been in bed for a couple of days feeling really poorly.


I'm blogging today post-surgery.  Read on.

I felt worse, tried to see my GP (general practitioner) but the health centre had changed their rules and I ended up phoning 111, which is a 'non-emergency but pretty serious' phone line for medical advice. I spoke to a carer, who put me onto a nurse, who handed me onto a paramedic. He kept me on the line while he sent an ambulance to my address. 

In the ambulance they gave me gas&air for the pain, and put a line in my arm.

The pain in my upper back that had been getting worse since the bite (bite was on my arm) turned out to be an infection, and this had blocked off the entrance to my stomach. I needed emergency surgery.

I got to hospital around 5pm Monday.

By 8pm I'd had morphine, chest X-ray and seen a consultant, and I was taken to the surgical assessment unit.

Here I was given regular meds (liquid) and a senior doctor assessed me for surgery.

At 3pm on Tuesday I was in the operating theatre.

They removed the blockage/infection.

It's Saturday morning. I'm home, I'm sore but I can eat floppy foods and drink freely.

And apart from a bit of soreness I'm pain-free!! 

So next time somebody gives you lemons.......



  1. Cor blimey, that got serious pretty quickly! Hope that's the end of the drama, and you're not restricted to floppy foods for long.

  2. Oh, my gosh! 111 is an incredible service for when you're not sure and I'm so glad they took you seriously and had you straight in. Also glad you are home again, out of pain and recovering well. What a lemon that proved to be!
    J x

  3. Wow, I'm so sorry you went through all that but you were quite lucky and I'm glad you are recovering nicely. U hope the rest of the year is kinder to you.

  4. Ack! Hopefully work will compensate you for any out of pocket charges

  5. Oh my goodness Tracy, what an ordeal! I can only say that after working for many years in nursing homes, hospital and at the school board with special needs kids I have been bitten many times. I am so lucky I didn't have the outcome that you have. I hope you're on the mend and feeling better soon.

  6. How unexpected and awful for you. Best wishes for a full recovery very soon.

  7. Oh bloody hell Tracey that's awful - poor you! (And I don't care if you are looking fior sympathy or not, you're getting some, OK?!) Thoroughly relieved to hear it's all been dealt with and glad that you experienced a similar level of NHS efficiency to my own recent experience (albeit your 111 situation was better than mine!) Look after yourself please! xx

  8. May the rest of the year be easier than this!

  9. Glad to hear that, once diagnosed, your treatment was fast. Next time you score lemons try making pancakes, or even lemon drizzle cake. Fingers crossed that your recovery is quick and complete. xx

  10. So pleased you are on the mend. What and awful thing to happen. I had to go for a pacemaker check on 15th dec. There was a problem and I was admitted to hospital. The care was fantastic. I was moved to another hospital, had the pacemaker changed and got out just before Christmas. We moan about the health service but I am a real fan. No where in the world would you get better service. I just hope it can continue. Hugs Hilary

  11. Oh Tracey-what an ordeal. Glad you are home and on the mend. The worst that ever happened to me was a tetanus and antibiotic jab. The NHS service has worked well and thank goodness that everything had now been done to help you heal. That sure was a very bitter lemon. Catriona

  12. Ouch...not nice...hope you've had your hepatitis jabs x

  13. Human bites can be the most dangerous to receive, far more so than many animal one & often lead to infections/complications.

    So glad you were taken seriously & they acted swiftly to get you back on the road to recovery!

  14. Oh no, how awful. Thank goodness they were on the ball and it was sorted. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery xx

  15. OMG! Thank goodness it got sorted so quickly! I've always heard that human bites can be very serious but I had no idea! Feel better soon.

  16. Sorry to hear about your bite. I hope you are welland truly on the mend now.
    (I used to follow you up until you moved into the caravan, then my laptop crashed & I lost all my blog list. I've been refinding them one by one & I'm glad to have found you again.


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