Sharing a little success - and some meal planning!

I was awake very early today and decided to come back to bed with a cuppa and read.  Strangely, I found myself reading my blogposts from a year ago! 

One thing I wrote about was finding a way to finally get moving around - exercising, that is.  I also posted some very easy tips to make changes to your eating that can benefit if you need to shed some weight as I did - and still do, although to a lesser extent.

My little success to share is that I weigh just over two stones lighter than I did this time last year - and I honestly never thought I would be writing that a year ago!  I'm wearing clothes two dress sizes smaller too! And I'm carrying on as it's actually easy to do as well as being great for my health.

Now onto Meal Planning for the week..

For those who don't know, we are dairy and meat free, but we do eat fish and eggs. I also avoid gluten.


1. Oven roasted salmon fillet with roasted veg

2. Colcannon

3. All day veggie breakfast

4. Veg chilli with brown rice

5. Mushroom Stroganoff (friends for dinner hence posher grub!)

6. Jacket potato with l/o chilli 

7. Veg curry 

I'm getting tidied and starting my spring cleaning today by getting the Christmas deccies taken down and doing some sorting in my study.

What are you up to?

Tracey xx


  1. I’m doing exactly the same! I can’t find the hooks for the door curtains so am combining decluttering with searching. Happy New Year 2018. Catriona ( in a ver rainy Scotland)

  2. Bloody 'ell Tracey, well done on the loss of lard m'dear x

  3. Well done, that's my goal.Meal planning, less waste, decluttering and declutter my body of some of it's fat whilst increasing my fitness. I figure it's all within my control so here goes.

  4. Been surfing the net and just found your blog. Loving it! I'm also meat and dairy free but married to a committed carnivore which does push my grocery bill up. Busy now catching up on some of your older posts. Ruby

  5. That's superb - well done you! I've found it's amazing what a difference small changes can make!
    Apologies for my absence on here - I looked for your blog a few months back but it was showing as no longer active for some reason? I was delighted when you popped back up in my reading list!

  6. I'm not keen on rice but apart from that, I could very much enjoy your menu! Congratulations on your weight loss...fantastic achievement.

  7. I'm taking a page from your book and planning meals for the weekend and beyond. I hope your arm and the car will be okay.


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