Ok, bear with me here.
Stop.tober, as in Stopping something for the month of October is a good idea on the whole, for folks who need a bit of 'January 1st-ism' this side of Christmas.
And if you need a reason to change an area of your life, then why not choose this month to do it, I get that.

What I don't get is the self-flagellating that goes on, and I'll explain more..

By all means do something to make a difference to your life this month: stop smoking / stop spending / start walking a mile a day / eat four oranges every hour...or whatever your thing is.

I'm pleased for you.


Good luck, and all that.

But please - for the love of all that is green - don't choose something you are either not going to do, or something that is impossible for you to do: then spend all your time gathering attention due to;

(a) how hard it is to do, and arent you bloody amazing doing it, and has it been five minutes since someone mentioned that you have given up the thing... Or 

(b) not doing it at all, and then being aggressive towards people who quietly offer you encouragement.

Stop it if you want to - it's your own choice.
And if you want support or encouragement, I'm there for you.

Just don't Stop-tober just for the attention of Stoptobering.


  1. Yes, I get that stopping smoking has in recent years become Stop-tober, but I don't get why everything else has been put under the same umbrella on the same bandwagon. I don't get why it happens in October and no other month.

  2. That made me laugh :o) I think the whole idea is ridiculous. Jumping on the bandwagon comes to mind, let's do it because everyone else is. I am not going to stop doing anything. I know perfectly well what I am capable of and what I am not.

  3. Being the big meany that I am I dam entertained by the Stoptober posts that are all about shopping, although it is pretty hard to write about something you're not doing.

    I don't enjoy aggressive responses to polite suggestions but then again I think that not every rant/whinge/explanation or post about giving up is a call for people to offer their advice, sometimes it's just getting it off the old chest.


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