Hashtag # hash!

Tonight we are both feeling a whole lot better - me having had 24 hours of antibiotics so far with a complete day of rest, and Man Wonderful because, well, he's man Wonderful and nothing keeps him down for long!
So as I type, I'm cooking one of our favourite at-home suppers that I learned from my chum Sam's blog (ninetofive-ish.blogspot.com): Lentil Hash.

I sometimes cook this in my slow cooker, but today I'm bubbling it away on the hob.

It's dead easy and incredibly tasty - gluten, meat and dairy free.
I just wish I could post pictures.
It's an orange-y gloopy pan full of loveliness..

Today I used: 

chopped carrots
chopped potatoes (I don't even peel them first, just give them a wash)
red lentils
a tired looking courgette, chopped
veg stock cube
tsp sage
tsp smoked paprika
tsp yeast extract
tsp black pepper

Bubble and simmer until all is cooked, and eat in a bowl on your lap in front of a DVD.

Proper tasty!


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