New Sofa for Christmas the Frugalmummy Way...?

(For those who don't know, I used to blog under the pseudonym Frugalmummy or FM.)

When we moved into our little house earlier this year, we found a two-seater sofa and an armchair on Freecycle that were perfect for us: 3-year-old Marks and Spencer's (*other posh shops sell furniture that end up free on Freecycle too*), from a pet and smoke-free home. 
Just needed collecting.
We collected it, I washed it (it didn't need it, but that's just me....)and we've been sitting on it intermittently ever since.
Nothing wrong with it at all - no smells, tears, saggy bits. Nothing. Three lovely comfy seats.

I also found - again on Freecycle - a chair that needed reupholstering. This chair used to be a nursing chair, and was thought to be about 100 years old. 
Again, just needed collecting. 
So we collected it.
I stripped off the old upholstery - the original fabric had been replaced in (I'm guessing) the 70's but the wadding and springs and wood were all original as far as I could see.
I replaced a lot of the wadding, painted the wood frame and reupholstered the chair with the help of a staple gun and a YouTube video.
And this chair sits handsomely in our little lounge too.

Then I got to thinking...

(I'm currently decorating the little lounge, you see. That's what started it off.)

I got to thinking that a second two-seater settee would look great in here.

So I looked on Freecycle, but there was nothing doing, so I looked on Gumtree, Shpock and Facebook selling pages for my area. 
It's the right time of year for settees, you see. Lots of folk like to get a new suite of furniture in for Christmas - and I like to use what they have finished with. 
It's a great form of recycling!

My favourite price is free, closely followed by very cheap.
And there it was I found my new settee!
Not quite as-cheap-as-chips, but pretty good.

Man Wonderful and our chum moved it in a couple of hours.

I'm sat on it writing to you now, and if I say so myself, this little lounge is starting to shape up quite nicely. 

Until later,

FM x


  1. After you mentioned your Shpock successes to me I had a look for things in my local area (not that I need anything, I'm just nosy). I got all excited and yet it was utter rubbish, you have really fallen on your feet with your buys!

  2. I've honestly never understood the new furniture for Christmas thing!

    I've been married 27 years, raised two sons and lived with three dogs and had only two couches in all that time! The dogs have spent more time on them than we have!

    I like the idea of two two seaters! We call them love seats here. Just space for you and the one you love


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