The easy, everyday, savings scheme explained!

Firstly a disclaimer: I didn't invent this, I read about it and decided to try it, and it is a great, easy way to save throughout the year, very easily (we find), when you do not have a large income.

On day 1 you put 1p in the pot
On day 2 you put 2p in the pot
Day 3, 3p
this continues evert day of the time you are saving, so
Day 4, 4p
Day 5, 5p
Day 43 you put 43p in the pot
Day 120 is £1.20. (120 pennies)
And on the final day of the year, day 365, it's £3.65 into the pot.

How we use this:

To make this easy, we decide what we are saving up for.
.For Christmas, we save from November 1st to October 31st; so our Christmas 2017 pot has 10p in it (1+2+3+4)!
.We also save from July 1st to June 30th each year for holiday money.
.Although it might be tempting to put more pennies each day into the pot, we stick to this, and have a jar of spare change to 'take' from - so that on the days when you need to put in £2.11, for example, we have the change there rather than the scheme failing.
. If you do this every day at the same time it becomes a habit.
. It works!


  1. Hi Tracey! Thank you for taking the time to explain how this scheme sounds very do-able indeed! We've got a few odd money boxes hanging around here. I'll be starting pronto. Thanks again! ��

  2. After reading one of your previous posts about this, I printed off 2 calendar/chart things off the net and started one on 1st November. I was going to do another - June to May - but to catch up would now need me to put in about £130 which is a bit much this close to Christmas.Thanks for the heads up!


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