My Christmas gift ideas

I thought I'd share some of the Christmas gifts I'm making, gathering and giving this year.
(NB this list is not complete, so any of the folk who read this blog won't see their pressies here!)

For little ones:
. PJs
. Dressing gowns
. Jigsaw puzzles
. Christmas stocking full of little toys - coloured pencils, stickers, small knitted toy
. Knitted toy

For the (much) bigger ones:
. Boys night in box: four cans of lager, two large packs of crisps, bag of peanuts, spicy dip, spicy salsa.
. Girls night in box: four 'fun girly' drinks, similar snacks to above.

For a girly one:
. Large make-up bag with new brushes, nail file, tweezers, and cleansing wipes.

For a couple of older ones:
. A homemade 'hamper', with bits and bobs from the supermarket - tins and packets, pasta sauce, nice coffee, etc. I buy one item for these each time I go to the shops and it makes them affordable.

For everyone else:
. A foodbank box - we pop something in the collection box every other supermarket shop, but at certain times of the year we make a special effort to stack a box up with things that - if it were us on the receiving end - would make us feel someone cared.

. Our charity donation this year is to Marie Curie nurses.
These amazing people give end of life care and support to families going through the desperately sad time.

(If you want to donate to them too, you can text NURSE to 70111 and this will donate £5.)

My makes for Christmas are going well, these include:
. Knitted Snow White and the seven dwarves
. Knitted snowman
. Appliqued bags for life
. Knitted socks
. Crocheted shawl
. Owl cardigan

How are your Christmas plans getting along? 



  1. You sound like you are all sorted, I need ideas from the children, brother-in-law and father-in-law- my mind is blank

  2. I really like the boys/girls night in idea and by that I mean I'd be delighted if I received it as a gift.

    My Christmas prep is going well, yesterday I bought some stamps, and acknowledged that it's November, today I looked around the house for left over cards (we have plenty unless I make loads of new friends in the next month). That's good for me!

  3. I love homemade gifts. I am knitting socks for gifts at the moment and also hope to knit some toys so I had better get a move on!
    Your idea of a box for the food bank is a really good one. You are a lovely generous person.

  4. One of my granddaughters wants a Donald Duck soft toy for Christmas I got her a 2nd hand one from eBay.

  5. Some brilliant gifts there. I have 9 adults to buy for and 2 tiny granddaughters. I have nothing yet!!
    P.S. I have printed off a couple of 365 days saving calendars from the net. We've started on 1st Nov. Thanks for the heads up!


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