Brain Food!

Monday evenings see us eating *supper in front of the TV with University Challenge followed by Only Connect.
We are often home just before these two quizzing shows, so I usually pop our meal in the slow cooker to be ready when we get in.

Tonight is different only in the new recipe - a variation on an Ottolenghi dish.

Harissa Squash

Chop one peeled butternut squash, two onions, and one unpeeled sweet potato. Put these into the slow cooker with 1 teaspoon of cumin and 1 tablespoon of Harissa.
Add one drained, rinsed tin of chickpeas and 500ml veg stock.
Put on high and leave to cook.
We left ours for six hours, and enjoyed with a gluten-free roll.

Hot, spicy, and perfect brain food!


  1. That sounds right up my street. I've just dusted off the slow cooker (literally, it was filthy), that recipe is ideal.

  2. Not keen on very spicy food, but I love Uni Challenge (but not Only Connect). But if you love spicy food, I'm sure your meal was great!
    Margaret P

  3. I've only just discovered harissa and will definitely be trying this dish :)

  4. I will be trying this out this week, I have all the ingredients. Sounds delicious.

  5. I literally fist bump myself when I get a question right on UC but getting one on OC causes me to do a full Mexican wave!


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