My minimalist kitchen

I'm a proper list-a-holic.
I love reading other folk's blogposts where they talk about the contents of their larders, their meal planning ideas, or their recipe basics; but I devour blogposts where they go into fine details of what utensils they have, what they find useful, etc.

Recently we came across a packing box marked 'kitchen essentials' that we had packed and forgotten about when we moved here!
As I have bought for the kitchen apart from a slightly larger slow cooker (the 2-person £11 one from Mr Sainsbury's was perfect for just us two but not big enough for cooking ahead too, or feeding more than two people, so was given away and we upgraded to a 4-person one), I wondered just what "essentials" we had thought we wouldn't be able to live without in our new minimalist life - and equally, just how are we coping without them?

Firstly, a kitchen itemisation for other list-a-holics:

1. Kettle
2. Induction hob
3. Wok
4. Medium saucepan/straining lid
5. Small saucepan
6. Pizza plate/wok lid
7. Folding colander
8. Fine sieve
9. Melamine chopping board
10. Microplane grater
11. Wooden spatula
12. Whisk
13. Peeler
14. Cafetieres - one small and one large
15. Washing-up bowl
16. Slow cooker
17. Salad bowl/mixing bowl/fruit bowl (has to have multiple uses!)
18. Mugs: 9 (nine!!!!! - I had no idea it was this many!!)
19. Glasses: 4 wine, 2 tumblers, 2 beakers, 2 sherry glasses
20. Plates - medium sized with a shallow 'bowl' that are perfect for chilli or salads alike
21. Bowls - deep, for soups or stews
22. Cutlery - plain stainless steel - but enough for 8 people....
23. Bakeware casserole dish
24. Non-stick deep bun tray

All our plates and bowls are white so if we break one they can be easily replaced.
Our glasses are plain glass and again, if one gets broken they are just replaced.

Current 'not sure we need this' pile:

1. National Trust teapot with Fresh Eggs pattern - was a gift when we moved in and has been used, but is a little too fussy to look at.
2. One small cafetiere - Man Wonderful would have oodles of these I am sure, if he could!!
3. Mugs: we don't need NINE mugs!!!!!
4. Cutlery.

Amongst the items in our Kitchen 'essentials' box, which we opened beside a recycling bag, a box 'to sell on eBay', and a box for the charity shop; was the following -

. porcelain lidded serving dishes
. a set of chefs' knives
. a set of stainless steel serving cutlery
. tablecloths we just won't use here
. cups and saucers - we were given a gorgeous set when we got married but only ever used them after dinner parties
. wine glasses - huge Dartington glass red and white wine glasses - again from when we got married - these were gifted to a friend setting up a new home!
. two large melamine trays

It felt very healthy to do my little itemisation and sort-out of unnecessary items!
I think it's going to be the bookshelf next!



  1. Glasses. We have so many glasses, I don't drink wine, never have done but I think we still own at least four, almost certainly more.

    I also love hearing about what people have in their cupboards!

  2. But what if seven friends come round for a brew? You need those nine mugs! Your head would spin if I listed what's in my kitchen cupboards- also it'd go in Guinness World records book as longest list!


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