Small space for a big adventure

Following on from the last post, there we were; having read Marie Kondo and begun decluttering the big family house, with just the two of us to suit and an adventure on the cards..

We spent hours chatting and planning, talking and reading, and dreaming.

Over the days and weeks following the kids moving into their own house, we realised that we really only used three main rooms in the big house: kitchen, bedroom, lounge.
And so began our real planning.
What did we actually need?

We wrote out a list of needs versus wants.
What was essential?

We needed:                          
to be together
to be near our nearest and dearest
to be safe
to be warm and dry
to have 'enough' to live each day

We wanted:
to have our own place
to build up a little savings
to live differently
to live peacefully

Then we thought about what we didn't want:
no stress - we'd both had enough of that to last anyone's lifetime; and it had made me very unwell
no debts - we worked hard to become debt-free a few years ago and didn't want to start again
limited fuss and bother
no excess crap* from other people (*crapness as opposed to actual items, although we didn't want 'stuff' either!)

It seemed that we were on the way to really simplifying our life, didn't it?

We knew we wanted a small space to live in, as the costs would be small - but just how small would we go?

More to follow!



  1. Loving the story . . .
    J x

  2. Busy downsizing here too, so I'm interested in how small you went

  3. Whatever you are planning sounds perfect. We are looking to pursue something similar next year. A simple, stress free(ish), happy home is what I yearn for and we are slowly working out how to achieve it. Much love to you and yours Tracey. X

  4. Ohhh exciting. Don't leave us in suspense.

  5. Even though I'm in the 'know', I'm loving these posts! Xx


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