Easy like Tuesday morning..

We were up with the lark today (well: two blackbirds, a robin and a pheasant) and off to the the kids' house for breakfast.
GD had already gone to work, but we had the delights of the little ones and our Son in Law (SiL) for company.

MW and SiL are off shortly to collect an eBay purchase for the kids' camping holiday while I have time with my mate.

Today I'm finishing the edging of a hand-stitched English paper-pieced 'star' quilt for the granddaughter and starting a hand stitched Christmas gift.  (Still can't post pictures from this device..)

I was given a large carrier bag of stunning fabric samples yesterday, and after sorting through them the first thing I'm going to make is a couple of patchwork cushion covers with some of the silk and embroidered fabrics.

One of the other items I was given yesterday was the green baize felt from a snooker table!
The lady who gifted these beautiful items knows that I make quiet books, and these little bits and pieces are just perfect.

I'm also trying out a new recipe today.

I have friends for dinner tomorrow evening and am having a 'trial run' of my planned dessert today.
I'm not a 'dessert person', either in the making or the eating, so this is why I need my try-out.
I have double the ingredients ready - if it works fine, I'll simply make the dessert again straightaway and chill it for tomorrow.

My planned meal?

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with caramelised red onions, topped with goats cheese. Served on a bed of rocket with a balsamic glaze.

Slow cooked breast of chicken with spinach and red pepper. Served with steamed green beans and sweet potato chips.

Fluffy chocolate mousse

What have you been up to recently?



  1. Loved catching up with your news. Congrats on downsizing successfully. It sounds idyllic! Dinner doesn't sound half bad either!

  2. Your meal sounds delish, hope the pud works out well. Good to hear from you.

  3. Oh, glad to see you back, tried a few times but no luck. Hope you and family are well and happy xx

  4. How did it turn out, Tracey?
    J x

    1. The meal was gorgeous! Can't add photos on here for some reason (?) but it was delicious xx


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