Living life differently

Man Wonderful retired from work 13 years ago and I'm not currently working either. 
This means we get to spend all our time together.

Our new lifestyle took lots of planning and reading beforehand, but once we took the leap we both agree it has been the best thing we've ever done!
We live very simply in a very small space that we are slowly personalising.
We owe nobody a bean, and can choose to do just what we want to.

So: just how small is small?


I'm not going to make it that easy for you...

Right now I want you to think about how much you pay out each month on your home.

Rent/mortgage/outside space/local tax/electricity/gas/tv/internet...

The large 4-bed we were sharing with the kids looked something like this:

£ 875
£   25
£ 115
£  60
£  55


And that was just to live there!

This month we paid £315 to live where we live.
That's £315.

It covers every one of the outgoings above.
We don't owe anybody anything, and are happily living quietly in our own - very quirky - way.

There are lots of things we don't have to worry about anymore, and just a few that we choose to.

As I type this, I am sat - and living - in peace.



  1. I won't guess. ;-) I'm so very glad you are both happy, , peaceful, settled and contented. That's really wonderful.
    J x

  2. you last line says it all! Good for you! Cant wait to get there myself.

  3. excellent post and something we hope to do soon.


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