Time for Dinner!

 Apologies for no pictures!

I am a pretty traditional chick when it comes to certain things, and a weekly family meal is something I really love.  Now Gorgeous Daughter has her own house and family we sometimes eat there, but mostly it's a Sunday evening roast at our wee house.

And it was today.

Man Wonderful and I paid a visit to the local supermarket for fresh meat - the only thing we ever buy there, as the prices are more than we pay elsewhere.  However, when they open on a Sunday morning the butchers are usually reducing meat joints to be sold that day.

We bought a 2kg pork shoulder joint reduced to £2.52. There's nothing they love more than pork with a bit of crackling.

(We don't eat meat, but I am happy to cook it for the kids.)

We had:

Roasted pork or veggy sausages

Roasted potatoes and Parsnips

Steamed carrots, peas, sweetcorn and broccoli.



Yorkshire puddings.

It doesn't cost us very much extra each week, as we already have the veg delivered, Man Wonderful makes his own gravy, and I make our own stuffing and Yorkshires.

Prep is something I love to do.

We set the table and food is served in dishes, with everyone at the table (no phones) until after dessert - it's usually the kids who have a cookie or a piece of cake).

Once the table is cleared, it's a board game, card game or homemade quiz (as it was tonight).

The family leave in time to get kiddies bathed and into bed, and we wash the dishes before sitting and relaxing.

I like to get all the washing up done, but I don't mind dishes drying until later.

Do you have a traditional or a weekly meal?



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