Managing The Pantry

 Sounds very Downton Abbey, doesn't it?!

Nope, my pantry consists of two higher-up kitchen cupboards and a large lidded plastic box in the shed..

I have one plastic box that holds baking things, and one that holds herbs and spices.

When something gets low, I add it to the monthly shopping list.


The Pantry has tinned goods; dried peas, beans and lentils; pasta and rice; sugars and rye bread (which we buy online as it's much cheaper that way.) We also use it to store eggs and packet mixes, onions and garlic. 

Anything in jars such as Yeast Extract or jam is kept here until it is opened.

The milk we buy is longline, so is also stored in the Pantry.

I like to clean the shelves every few months and make sure I check use-by dates.

Anything that needs using sooner moves onto the meal-planning for the next month.

Do you manage a Pantry or food store?

FM xx


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