I spended money!

 In November my old sewing machine finally gave up the ghost. It had been repaired several times and was a proper old faithful!

My mum had an electric Singer sewing machine when I was a kid, and made the majority of her - and us girly kids - dresses. 

When I went to Uni I used the sewing machine belonging to my hall of residence - it was a hand-turning Singer model, and although it took much longer to use, I made all my student-y clothes from cheap fabrics: including a different ballgown each year - lined with old sheets!!

My old faithful was also a Singer. I'd been borrowing my daughter's machine since the end of last year, while I saved up for my new machine.

Just in time too, as she wanted hers back!

So, I had been saving since November for a replacement sewing machine. I'd decided that I wanted to buy a new one, and that it needed to be the last sewing machine I would buy - therefore a pretty decent one!

I'm lucky to get commissions throughout the year - mostly alterations, although some made-to-measure too.

I researched online, read reviews, and spoke to friends who had machines for their opinions.

And finally.

Last month.

I had enough in the 'Sewing machine envelope'.

So I paid the cash into the Post Office, transferred it into my bank account, and bought this:

I don't often buy new things for myself - I'm so, SO happy, and have used my machine every day so far!!



  1. It looks fantastic - good for you. xx

  2. Well you deserve it!!

  3. Seems to have lots of bells & whistles, does it make the tea too? Enjoy.


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