Where've I been?

 Oh my, I've been busy!  Sorry I've been missing the last few weeks..

I've been:

1. Tutoring - all my pupils have passed their practical (piano, french horn, musical theatre) exams this term.

2. Celebrating - Gorgeous Daughter has got her first teaching job to start in September.

3. Walking - I'm averaging 4 miles a day: I know, right?!

4. Reading - some super summer books I will list for you below.

5. Watching - catching up with a couple of series that have been recommended.

6. Sewing - three different alteration commissions that totalled 18 items of clothing!

7. Crocheting - current piece is the complete set of Harry Potter characters.

8. Meal planning - continuing to be healthy and trying to stay below daily calorie limit.


When I write it down it seems loads.

Books I have been enjoying recently:

What have you been reading recently?

Take care,

Tracey xx


  1. You have been busy. You have put me to shame with reading, apart from some magazines very little.

  2. I've been rereading all the Sherlock Holmes stories and very entertaining they were too.


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