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Man Wonderful is sat watching the Tour de France on the TV this afternoon. We had a 3-mile walk this morning and came home to a huge salad, using up the raw veggies in our fridge as today is Veg Delivery Day!

We have been having our weekly fruit and veg delivered for a couple of years now - this was invaluable during the Lockdowns, and it is a fab way for us to eat healthily and within our budget.

For those who don't knw, Man Wonderful is retired and I had to retire with ill health.  (We were both teachers when we met almost 22 years ago...where did that time go?!).  Consequently, we need to bit a little careful with our pennies.

I can choose what we would like from the online farm shop, and most of the products are from local farms. 

Today we had the following delivered:

. 1kg apples

. 1 bunch asparagus

. 1 avocado

. 1 bunch bananas

. 2 large heads of broccoli

. 1 green cabbage

. 1 red cabbage

. 1kg carrots

. 1 bunch of celery

. 500g courgettes

. 1 cucumber

. 1 bunch fine green beans

. 1 melon

. 1 paper bag of little gem lettuces

. 500g mushrooms

. 1kg onions

. 2 large oranges

. 1 kg satsumas

. 1 kg pears

. 3 peppers

. 500g plums

. 1 paper bag of spinach leaves

. 1 bunch spring onions

. 500g cherry tomatoes

. 1 kg large tomatoes

Nothing comes with plastic wrapping, and the delivery is in a large recycled veg box.

You might think that's a lot of fruit and veg for two people - and you would be correct!! It is the base of what we eat.

What we usually eat in a day:


Most days we eat porridge oats, soaked overnight and eaten the next day with 1/2 a banana.  Some days we have rye bread toast or scrambled eggs.


Every day we eat a huge salad featuring raw veg as well as salad veg.  We have tinned fish/beans/sliced quorn/eggs for our protein.


Most days we eat a veg protein or some fish with a huge pile of steamed veggies.

Sometimes we have a stir-fry with quorn.

Once a week we have a Man Wonderful veg chilli.

Often we eat homemade curry.

Occasionally we eat at daughter's house.


Fruit, fruit and more fruit.

Sometimes rye bread toast (Man Wonderful).

Tracey xx


  1. That's really interesting, thanks for sharing!
    I'm looking into my veg box options at the moment an whilst I don't mind a surprise, I don't want to be in receipt of stuff I really will struggle to use (potatoes!). Your f&v sound perfect and your diet looks very healthy and balanced indeed! V inspirational :)

  2. Love the idea of a veg box. Sadly there is nothing local.

  3. The veg box sounds really good.


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