Friday evening

So I've been catching up on sewing tasks today.

Daughter's neighbour Charlotte gave me a commission a coupe of months ago to alter her wardrobe of clothes, following her large weight loss.  I measured and pinned her in several well-made items and returned them to see how she felt; and she was delighted.  So I am completing the second 'load' of clothes. Some White Company, others Sea Salt.  A few that need a more keen eye to fit them to her more svelte shape.  The last I have to hand stitch is a long floral purply-dress.  I'm inserting a pale floral 'V' shape panel to block the deep 'V' front and making this dress more her style now.  I'll finish that tonight.

We also went out for a lovely long walk over the local fields with dog.

We were walking for around an hour and it was beautifully relaxing out in the fresh air.

Dinner tonight was steamed veggies (asparagus, green beans, broccoli and courgette) with pan-fried salmon fillets. Delicious and very easy to prepare and cook.

And now we are watching the canal programme with Giles Brandreth and Sheila Hancock.

A lovely Friday evening.

Tracey xx


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