Three sleeps until Christmas ..

... and everything here is ready for Christmas!
We don't go overboard about much in the way of food or excitements nor by way of spending huge amounts of money.
We do little bits and bobs throughout the year towards gift buying and all I have to do is wrap up and deliver them.
As far as food and drink over Christmas is concerned, we save up all year by buying a shop saving stamp each visit to  that store over the year, that is then added to by the shop in December.
We use this money saved up easily to buy and put together gifts such as a hamper or a bottle or two of wine
Then we stock ahead our store cupboards with the remainder of the money saved up.
We don't cook or eat particular Christmas food, but instead eat our usual meals with little additional treats - today we had a little mulled cider and sang carols!
As for the real Christmas day?
Well I wish you all a peaceful and stress-free time.


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