And so this is Christmas...

And what have you done?
I love this 'bit' between Christmas and New Year and try very hard not to be working as it means I can play games with the kids and grandkids and babysit if needed.
2019 had some very difficult times that I am so proud we got through - medical scares amongst - and the Christmas we have just had was possibly the nicest we've had for a long time. 
No fuss - as usual - only the very closest together: we watched the littlest open their gifts they thought Santa had brought before I went to work for just a few hours on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve we few went to the Theatre then out for lunch, which is becoming a little family tradition. 
Then Boxing Day we spent a few hours playing board games.
I'm on call at the local care home, and am working over New Year's Eve and Day  (but I genuinely don't mind as we are not big drinkers).

As for Father Christmas?
Well, he spoiled us beautifully but within our budget!

My Man Wonderful always spoils me, but after 20 years together he still astounds me with the romance he little gift this year was a candle with a fragrance I absolutely adore, that even I would find very difficult to source to buy. When we got together I had a candle from this company and back then it was blinking expensive...I thought they had gone out of business, but it turns out they are just out of the U.K....what diligence!!!
Yes, he is currently top of the class! (I have to admit he is more often than not 
in this position!!)


Enough about me - how was your Christmas? Xx


  1. Our Christmas too was a good one, inexpensive presents warmly received and given, abundant tasty yet simple food and a blazing fire come the cold evenings......the best Christmas I’ve had in many years m’thinks...

  2. So glad to hear you had such a lovely time, and what a fabulous gift.

    Christmas isn't my thing, but I think I managed reasonably well this year.

  3. It was exhausting all of us were so sick and run down from the past year which has been a slog. Hubby was amazing and really treated me. At least our dinner was good ;) Looking forward to the new year.

  4. Ours was glorious - a week spent in a little cottage looking out onto the beach in the Hebrides, lots of walks, and just being cosy indoors during the dark evenings. Lovely! Glad to hear yours ticked all the boxes to!


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