What do you do on a Saturday?
It's the first day in the week here where the alarm clock doesn't go off and we get to snooze!
Mind you, my brain is set at waking up at the same time - usually 6.30-7 - so I still get up, but instead of thinking about whether one of us is needed to be ready for something, I can quietly potter and put the heating on before snuggling up on the sofa with the dog and catching up on something from the week or watching a repeat of Frasier.
Today we met up with the kids and had a  relaxed lunch at the local shopping centre 
while the little ones played. We have a storm threatened which is possibly why the centre was unusually quiet for a Saturday.
I decided to cook dinner from what we already had in, and this turned out to be a Quorn Korma using frozen onion and broccoli I'd saved over the last few weeks as well as 
mushrooms from the fridge and a sweet 
potato. (Do you keep mushrooms in the fridge or is it just me?)
This was delicious.
This evening is film night.
Feet up, knitting out and a glass -or two -of wine.
Tomorrow I have a delightful afternoon of 
crafting before hosting a roast meal for the 
family - this makes me feel like a 'proper' mamma!
What do you do that is different on a Saturday?


  1. Since I've started working again - although part-time, Saturday is a low key day. I normally take a language class in the morning, have lunch with some fellow students and then pick up some groceries on the way home - but - since I knew I'd be working again I decided to give myself a break and I'm taking a term off.
    Today I did some errands in the morning - met some of those friends for lunch and then did a small load of laundry when I got home. So, I had a nice, easy day but still feel as though I accomplished a few things.

  2. Now I'm retired, nothing really. Every day is like Saturday, or maybe the other way round. It's nice not to have great big loads of washing, etc, cooking, housework, etc, to catch up on as I did when teaching.

  3. Saturday is usually a day I catch up with things that I haven't done during the week. Strangely although we have both retired we still treat it as a day of leisure.


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