My corner

My corner is my space to sit, next to the little coffee table for my cup, iPad, phone or knitting. 
It's in the lounge, where I can see the whole room, into the next and out of the window.
My corner is where I sit with my legs up and read to the grandchildren, read parts of the paper or funny things from the Internet aloud to Man Wonderful, or read the kindle to myself.  It's where I flick through the TV remote and decide to watch or record, it's where I sit and chat to MW, Gorgeous Daughter or a friend or two on the sofa opposite. 
It's where I chat on the phone.

My corner is where I feel comfortable, where I sit with a cuppa at the end of the day and where I start to relax and unwind. 
It's where I'm sat writing to you today.

Do you have a special place that you choose to sit? Why is it special?


  1. I have a preferred corner on our couch. Knitting and book in a basket. Table near enough for a cup.

    I have to give it up every so often because our elderly dog likes the same spot. He'll just stand in front of me and give me the "look". I'm a well trained human and give in. I cherish every day with him because it may be the last.

  2. I have my own chair which is situated so that I can see out of the lounge window to watch the sheep. By leaving the door open I can also see through the kitchen window to see the chickens, making it very special.


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