A little easy DIY

We're updating  the play room this weekend, while the world outside blows a gale!
Man Wonderful took to the toys and sorted through everything that needed passing on to the charity shop, while I took down and laundered the curtains and took down the lampshade - also ready to pass these on to the wonderful charity shop.
Man Wonderul was then tasked with wiping down all the surfaces while I measured the window for our "new" curtains.
I say "new" curtains, for those who don't know me, as I don't like anything "new"!
In actual fact, the two curtains I made for the window in the play room were made out of one long curtain that I originally made ?20 years ago for the first house we lived in together...that had then been altered to be a door curtain for Gorgeous Daughter for her house for a few years...but anyhow..

So the two new curtains are sewn and up, and I am currently finishing the "new" lampshade for the room to match the curtains - again from some of the same fabric, but this time hand embroidered using simple sewing thread to add a little interest, and two lampshade metal rounds.
And the room is transformed.

Updated - not babyish anymore!


  1. Just the way we decorate, sounds lovely.

  2. Hoping all is well, as the silence looms from this blog ... xxx


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