Sometimes the bad guy wins

I love my daily dose of Frasier, and today this quote was particularly poignant.

Marty Crane: For God's sake, Frasier, you're forty-one years old - it's time you learned something. The system ain't perfect - sometimes the bad guy wins. And all those things you thought would be around to help you, the courts and the police department - well, sometimes, they're just not there when you need them, so you can let it eat a hole in your stomach or you can just file it away under the heading "Sometimes life sucks."


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  2. Doesn't sound good Tracey, I hope you and your loved ones are OK. Yes Pam's right, as are you - sometimes bad things happen but we just have to deal with them.

  3. Agreed-but it’s hard to let it wash away. Hugsxx Catriona

  4. Four acres over two properties. Very frugal, not.

    Reinvention isn’t always complete. Karma happens


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