Is there a Winter bug going around?

I ventured out today for a short walk to the local shop.
Doesn't sound much, does it?
What I neglected to mention is that I've been laid incredibly low with some kind of 'bug' - the like of which I wouldn't wish on another human.
No, seriously!
Well - unless they wanted to lose a large amount of weight very quickly, and almost every ounce of their energy. Then they would be welcome to it!

Is there such a 'bug' going around?
(If you are of nervous disposition, don't read the paragraph contains details..)

We enjoyed a lovely late supper last Tuesday of lemon and spinach rice, and snuggled down to sleep with no issues.
Then in the early hours I woke feeling really sick - like you 
did when you were a little kid. I only just managed to get to the bathroom in time. Over the course of the next 12 hours, I had episodes of .. well, vomitty redecoration .. and interspersed with nightmarish fever-y sleeping. Thankfully this eased off by mid-afternoon and I was able to start sipping and keeping down water.
However, in the middle of the night, again I woke up feeling awful, and only just managed to get to the bathroom in time for .. redecoration of the other type. Luckily we can purchase 
medication for this .. event .. and we had some in our med 
cupboard. This .. event .. kept going on and on over the next 12 hours. 
D & V.

Day 3, 4 & 5 I've just been sipping water and eating tiny scraps of food. No further events.

Day 6 is today.
I weighed myself this morning.
Since day 1 I've dropped 10 pounds!!!
That's 4.5 kg!
Desperate for fresh air, I managed to walk with Man Wonderful to the shop. 
It's a corner shop. I even had to use a bloody supermarket trolley to lean on to walk around it! We only went for the air (and to buy a cauliflower, obvs, like you do).
Is this a "normal" bug that's going around??
Have I picked up scurvy??
Has anyone else been ill like this?

N.B. I don't have any 'flu-like' symptoms, I had my flu jab in October and haven't had a cold or anything. 

In better news, I hope to keep the weight loss off, and have caught up with a bit of knitting and reading. 


  1. Hope you are feeling better, not the ideal way to lose weight.

  2. It sounds like norovirus - aka the winter vomiting bug. It sounds like you've had an awful time!! Get well soon.

  3. Poor you. Could it be Norovirus, I wonder?

  4. Sounds like you've had that norovirus or winter volition bug as it's known it goes round hospitals at this time of year. Glad your feeling slightly better. Heather

  5. I do hope you are feeling better. Over here,waaaay over the pond to western Canada I had something very similar. D for 2 weeks. Had all the lovely tests and everything came back normal. Finally was given some pills to stop the runs and that was the end of that! Weird. Four days later I got a terrible cold. Used all the usual stuff-Neti pot, Vicks inhaler, Neocitran (I think you call it Lemsip) several different cold and sinus pills. Finally, another trip to the doctor and was told I have a sinus infection and had to take antibiotics for 10 days. All in all this bout lasted exactly a month. So that was 6 weeks that I don't care to repeat. Funnily enough DH escaped the lot! Hopefully nothing else is waiting in the wings. I did have the flu shot so hopefully wont see any of that! Oh, I also lost 7lbs. but not a weight loss method I would recommend,lol.

  6. Sounds like a noro type virus.

    A virus hit our city over Christmas. Loads of kids had it. It hit me last week. Sounds like number one son has it this weekend.

  7. Sounds more like food poisoning from the rice.

  8. So sorry to hear you have been ill Tracey. I hope you are feeling much better very soon.

  9. Norovirus is doing the rounds, could be that.

  10. I hope that you are well on the mend now Tracey. These type of bugs are dreadful, I (fingers crossed, touch wood etc) have been lucky to avoid them so far. A neighbour had a few days recently and dropped a load of weight, it stayed off as he was not able to eat a normal diet for a few weeks.

  11. It does sound like norovirus my lovely. I experienced it last winter. Take things easy for a while as your immune system will be low. X


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