Let Down

Going Gently is one of the blogs I like to read.
Today it was about how we manage when a friend lets us down, because carrying around bad feeling is not great.
I must admit this hit a nerve with me as very recently I've been let down by a friend and I'm feeling - well, pretty angry if I'm honest..
The 'let down' cost me money and while I still want the friendship, I'm thinking over just how balanced it actually is.
I think that friendships work best if they are as equal as possible - with one side not having to give out more than the other.
Where there is a let down and the other side is unaware of the anger..hmm. It makes you think.
At the present this friendship is not something I'm happy about at all.
Your thoughts?


  1. Difficult isn’t it. I have very few friends but I am the one who does all the work and quite frankly get fed up and am letting some of them go. Frankly, if I told them what I think, the friendship would probably be over anyway. Feeling so angry about it just makes me feel rotten.

  2. Sometimes life sends you signs that you must consider moving on - even if you got the money the bad taste and disappointment that it is fostering is corrosive over time. Basically the trust in your friend has gone. The anger you feel is only hurting you - so take courage and leave this friend behind. Best Wishes - Debbie

  3. This person doesn't sound much like a friend to me. Perhaps it is time to end this friendship.

  4. I've just had a very similar situation - although it didn't involve money. Very let down by a best friend of 12 years....to be honest, the friendship has been dissolving for a year or so, but a very crass and completely insensitive comment over the weekend when I'd had to spend several hours in A&E with indescribable pain upset me greatly. I let them know how upset I was, and they let me know they didn't really care. Friendship over.


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